Ambassador Program



First off, we would like to thank you for showing an interest in our brand, but if you’re looking to be apart of something bigger, then you're in the right place. 

By joining our movement, you are not only sponsoring clothing, but you're spreading an awareness of a mindset that allows you to fulfill your highest potential while finding true happiness doing so. At Breadwinners®, our main focus is to drive you to becoming your best self and to explain how doing so will create a lifestyle that's full of blessings and opportunities. 

With that being said, what is a "Breadwinners" ambassador and how do we do things different from other brands in the world?

We recruit ambassadors based on their kindness, compassion, and understanding of what it means to be a good human being, instead of your looks, followings, etc. Anyone is able to join this movement. Remember, the clothing comes second, the message comes first!  

How does it work?

1.  Sign up by using the link at the bottom of this page

2. We will review your submission and email you back within a 1-3 days with your coupon code and referral link.

3. Purchase one of our products using the unique discount code we've given you

4.  Once the product is delivered, use your marketing skills to attract new customers and build brand awareness using your unique discount code 

5. We will track how many sales you've generated by closely analyzing the total number of times your unique discount code was used every month

6. Based on the total number of times your unique discount code was used will determine the total number of profit you have earned

7. The profit will automatically be deposited in your bank account via PayPal / Credit or Debit card 

8. Earn bigger discounts, free products, gifts, and more by increasing your sales over time


1.  Post about our products & services across your social media platforms  

2. Maintain a positive attitude towards the brand (most important) 

3. Build strong customer relationships 

4.  Be highly engaged on social media platforms 

5. Thoroughly understand our brand and the meaning behind it to inform potential customers 

6. Use your word of mouth ( family, friends, associates, etc. ) to spread awareness

7. Participate in marketing events we host on social media

8. Provide feedback regarding customer requests, questions, or concerns 


1. Know how to maintain a positive attitude

2. Being able to control emotions 

3. Good verbal & written communication skills 

4.  Some experience with creating content 

5. Knowledge in how marketing works 

6. Friendly / empathetic personality 

7. Knowledge of social media platforms / tools  

8. Must believe in our message 

9. Must have a working PayPal account

Complete the form below to get started!