Written by Nick El-Hamarnah

BreadwinnersCompany® originated in December 2019 by a young entrepreneur by the name of Dylan Bishop. Only 16 at the time, Dylan had a dream of inspiring individuals to create a better life for themselves by developing a mindset that allows you to be in complete harmony with yourself and nature.
“With the right mindset, everybody has the ability to succeed in anything they wish to do. Empathy, good karma, and the law of attraction are the 3 most important aspects in creating a life you were meant to live. I believe that happiness is not found in the outside world, but rather resides within us. Too many times I see people struggling, restless and searching for happiness. My dream is to help people focus on the positive aspects of life and use that positivity to create a life that they were meant to live.” – Dylan Bishop.
With already over thousands of members, BreadwinnersCompany® is a fast-growing movement that encourages individuals to spread love and positivity to those around them and to create a change within themselves. This perception of good will gain momentum and encourage all Breadwinners® to have the confidence to unite us all in a world of hope for a better tomorrow. Join us on this journey in bringing a change to the world, but most importantly, bringing a change in the way we view ourselves.