Signs of an Angel Presence

Signs of an Angel Presence

Angels are all around us, even if you can't see them, you can feel them.

Often times, they use signs as guidance to help you overcome whatever it is you're dealing with, or to simply let you know that they are with you.

The more you listen with an open heart, the more you will be able to understand the messages that they are trying to give you.

This is important because we as humans don't always know the right answer or the right direction to take in our lives, so being receptive to the signs from our Angels allows us to make a more definite decision. 


Signs of an Angel Presence:

1. Chills

Personally for me, the biggest sign of an Angel presence is when I feel a huge rush of chills going through my whole body. And no, It's not because I'm cold or sick, but I feel as if it is an assurance that I am doing the right thing. Ever since I was little, I would get these chills when I'm in a complete state of harmony with myself. Typically, I will get them seconds after I do something good for someone else, or leaving on a very positive conversation with another being. I'm even getting small rushes of chills as I'm writing these blogs because it is what my Angels want me to do. I will also get them when I recognize another sign that they have been trying to show me - I feel a sudden "click" when I connect a thought with a feeling, letting me know that it is the answer I have been looking for.

2. Direct Messages

Angels may often be very direct with giving you information such as through billboards, advertisements, books, magazines, television, etc.

Have you ever been driving down the highway stuck on a question and all of the sudden you look up at a billboard and it gives you the answer you've had in mind but wasn't sure it was right? Or you're scrolling through social media and an ad pops up that gives you guidance to a question you've been asking yourself maybe a few days beforehand or even in that present moment?

These are no coincidence. Your angels are trying to tell you something and they do so when you least expect it.  

When I was a sophomore in Highschool, I was beginning my spiritual journey and was questioning whether or not God was real and who he was. I was in study hall where I would usually do homework or just draw some pictures to pass the time. One day I went to the back of the classroom to grab my drawing materials when I noticed a book that caught my eye. I never saw this book before. It's almost like it magically appeared in front of my eyes so I can pick it up and give it a read. All of the other books on the shelf were always just books of fiction, biographies, dictionaries, or books of chemistry and math. But this book was something real to me - it was just so out of place compared to the categories it was surrounded by. The book was called "To Heaven and Back" by Mary C. Neal and it was about a girl who went through her whole life not understanding who God was or her purpose here on Earth. She ended up getting into a very bad Kayak incident where she died and came back to life. She described her experience and what she saw when she died - it really stuck with me and I highly recommend it. Anyway, when I finished the book, I put it back in the spot where I usually put it until one day, it was gone. I have no idea where it went. Maybe someone else picked it up or maybe returned it to the library. But the point is, I believe our Angels continually give us information in very mysterious ways - a lot of them we miss, but the ones we recognize have a huge significance in finding the answers we're looking for.

3. Repeating numbers

Repeating numbers or "Angel Numbers" is probably the most common way for Angels to give us guidance as each repeating number has its own special meaning. 

111 - Your intentions are manifesting quickly - focus on what you want in life.

222 - Stop worrying - trust that you are on the right path.

333 - Mind, body, and spirit - Focus on all 3 aspects and don't neglect one for the other. 

444 - You are completely surrounded by Angels.

555 - Huge changes are coming in your life. 

666 - Your thoughts need some refocusing. 

777 - Keep doing what you're doing - luck is on your side. 

888 - Financial abundance is on the way. 

999 - You are being nudged to finish something because that completion will unlock the next step for you.


000 - New beginnings - a fresh start. 



One of my Experiences:


It was my senior year in high school. I was at a point in my life when I had changed to a better path and my only focus was to make others happy - because I knew that it would make me happy. On the first day, I went through all of my classes and I reached my last class which was gym / P.E. We would do our little 10-15 minute warm up before we can start doing whatever we wanted to do whether it was play basketball, volleyball, or simply just walk around the track. I had a few friends in my class and we decided on basketball. So, we began to play for a little bit but then I noticed a girl playing on another court with one of her paraeducator teachers and no one else. ( In our school, we called them SCORE students ). The teacher will have her shoot the ball in the basket and give it back to her once the ball got to the ground. It was at this moment when I felt an Angel presence guiding me to a decision that I knew I had to make. So, I went over to her and I introduced myself, and then asked her if it was okay if I can play with her - she said yes. That day I played with her, she was so happy and excited that she had a new friend to play with rather than her teacher and I knew in my heart that I made this girl happy which made me even more happy. People would look at me, question why I was doing it, when they knew I could be doing something else. Everyday I did the same thing over and over again and over time ( about 3 - 6 months ) a couple of my friends began to join me in helping me make this girl happy - which made her even more happier. And don't get me wrong, of course there were days when I would want to go shoot around and practice my 3 pointer - but there was always a force from my Angels that would suede me to play with her instead because in the bigger picture, it was way more important. This girl and I formed a really special bond and looking back, it was my favorite class of my whole Highschool career. On that very first day, an Angel guided me to a decision that would later on affect everyone in my gym class - even the teachers. I find it kind of disappointing that we live in a world where these acts are so rare to the point where people are left in a state of confusion. But I know that one day, they will understand why I did it - if they haven't already. Even when I went to school feeling down, I always left the building feeling uplifted and happy knowing I made an impact in someone else's life. And to me, that is what life is all about - that is what being a Breadwinner® is all about.